I’m Erica Cunningham Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Qualified Supervisor for Master’s level interns. I have a Master Degree in Social Work from the University of South Florida.  My experience is in medical social work. Specializing in terminal illness,  Medicaid, Medicare, private healthcare coverage and case management/advocacy.

I had the privilege of being Jean Honors niece and go to for all things insurance related. My aunt found out early that having insurance coverage doesn’t always mean you are covered. Copays to the doctor, copays for medications and copays for equipment seemed to be a theme. My knowledge of patient assistance programs and cancer specific advocacy foundations quickly came in handy; she would want for no treatment became the motto. In our search for help several things resonated; help is limited, funding is low but the need is still great. In spite of all those negatives my aunt held her head high, kept a smile on her face and continued to love others.

I find joy that Jean’s legacy  will continue to impact others long after her departure from this earth. The Jean Honor Foundation is rooted in a key principal my aunt lived by; selflessness and a genuine love of others. This organization strives to fill in the gaps with assistance with medication coverage, travel costs related to treatment and nominal financial assistance for everyday items vital to the well-being and success of those brave individuals diagnosed with cancer.

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