The Jean Honor Foundation of Hope was established in order to continue the legacy of Jean Honor, whom was a giver at heart. Just ask anyone that has been in the presence of Jean, they will tell you that she had the tenacity of a lion and was a woman who truly loved God. As the daughter of Jean Honor, I witnessed firsthand the many battles my mother endured to beat the incurable disease. To channel the grief and to provide hope to those that are in need battling cancer, I worked tirelessly to create the Jean Honor Foundation of Hope. I serve as a support for those that are in the caregiver capacity, and I also serve as support for those that have lost family members and close friends to cancer.

In my role as President, I strive to be an advocate for individuals that are enduring the strife of a disease that has affected the lives of many. A harsh but true reality, every thirty seconds someone is diagnosed with cancer. Along with providing support and financial assistance, the Foundation is committed to promoting early detection and living a healthy lifestyle. I challenge you to partner with the Foundation. Together we will provide hope for a cure, hope for tomorrow, and we will defeat cancer.

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