I am a Nurse Practitioner in an acute care hospital setting. I have the privilege of caring for adult internal medicine patients in various stages of health. I earned my Doctorate degree from Chatham University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Throughout my 17 year clinical practice, my focus has been on educating patients on early detection and intervention of disease processes. The reality of my practice is I change lives. A 33 year old female comes to the emergency department because of recurrent abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. She receives a cat scan of her abdomen and pelvis which reveals a mass. She is admitted to the hospital for testing workup. The patient is admitted to the hospitalist team because she has no affiliated physician. I see this patient as a part of the hospitalist team. The conclusion of her testing the devastating diagnosis of Cancer is delivered. Her life is turned upside down. This patient does not know what has hit her. She has no insurance and was not been followed by a doctor and who is knowledgeable about preventable screenings. Over the years the faces and ages of the patients have changed but the devastation has remained the same. However, there is support and we can improve the statistics associated with cancer diagnosis.

In 2015 it was estimated that approximately 1,658,370 new cancer cases were diagnosed with greater than 589,430 resulting in mortality. Many patients diagnosed will succumb to the cancer prior to receiving a definitive diagnosis. These statistics support early detection, which affords the patient equal access to optimal treatment in addition to increasing potential for better outcomes.

My sister, Jean Honor was a great inspiration to our family. She was the oldest of five. I really miss her infectious smile. During my sister illness she trusted me to assist her with medical decisions. However, more than that my sister did not relent with her desire to encourage, inspire, uplift and help others.

The Jean Honor Foundation (JHF) edifies the characteristics of the honoree. This foundation has already brought into focus a global initiative in Leon County. Fundamentally, the JHF is providing life-saving knowledge to the community. This foundation realizes that the community must empower themselves by gaining evidence based knowledge, using the knowledge to make informed decisions and disseminating the knowledge within the community so that others may do the same. Furthermore, as the foundation gains traction, medical grants will be available to aid in the medical care of uninsured, underinsured and indigent.

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